Virtual Terminal at a Glance

The CardPointe Virtual Terminal allows you accept payment cards and eChecks using your computer's web browser and an internet connection. Using the Virtual Terminal, you can initiate card-not-present and card-present authorizations, captures, settlements, voids, and refunds. In addition, you can easily add and securely save customer payment information.  


Navigating the Virtual Terminal

Refer to the screenshot below and the descriptions that follow for using the Virtual Terminal.


  1. The merchant location that you would like to run a transaction against. This automatically defaults to the first location listed within the Locations section of the Administration screen. 

  2. The type of transaction that you wish to run through the Virtual Terminal. This option automatically defaults to Sale. Available transaction options include:

    • Sale - Process a sales transaction. The Transaction Processes available with this option include Authorize and Capture and Authorize Only.

    • Force Credit - Force a credit for processing. This is useful when you wish to offer customers a credit without a receipt or specific proof that they purchased goods from you.

    • Verify - Verify a customer's payment method without authorizing funds (also known as a Zero Dollar Value Authorization). A Zero Dollar Value Authorization performs an Address Verification (AVS) check, and confirms that the three or four digit Card Verification Value (CVV) code is valid. 

  3. The transaction process type that you would like to run when processing a sale through the Virtual Terminal. This option is available only when the transaction type is set to Sale. Available transaction process types include:

    • Authorize and Capture - Authorizes the availability of funds from a customer’s payment source, and then transfers those funds from the customer’s account to the your merchant account.

    • Authorize Only -  Authorizes the availability of funds from a customer’s payment source so that funds may be captured at a later time.

  4. Search for an existing customer profile to associate with a transaction.

  5. The customer's billing and contact information that you wish to associate with the transaction. Additional details about this section:

    • The Name on Card field is mandatory, and all other fields are optional.

    • Selecting the Email Receipt checkbox emails a receipt of the transaction to the address provided in the Email Address field.

    • The Store Customer Profile checkbox is selected by default. Unchecking this box will result in the customer's payment profile not being saved for use at a later time.

  6. You can manually enter the customer's payment card information in this section of the Virtual Terminal. If you are performing a card-present transaction, clicking swipe/secure key displays a message prompting you to swipe the customer's payment card.

  7. Enter the transaction amount in the Amount field.

  8. Selecting the Customers tab allows you to easily add new customer profiles to your merchant account, as well as edit existing customer profiles.


Recurring Billing

CardPointe provides the ability to quickly create recurring billing plans for your customers. Billing plans are ideal for subscription-based services, such as fitness club memberships and mobile phone plans, as well as for recurring payment plans, such as auto loans and hospital bills.

You can setup billing plans for the following payment intervals:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly



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