Hosted Payment Page at a Glance

CardPointe Hosted Payment Page (HPP) is a secure, online checkout page to capture payment information from your customers. It includes a 'Pay/Buy' button and a 'Donate' button to allow users to make secure, PCI-compliant payments.

The CardPointe HPP is directly integrated with the CardConnect Gateway, which offers users one centralized, secure payments solution; making this the perfect tool for businesses with online stores that are in need of simple eCommerce functionality. CardPointe HPP is a standard feature of the CardPointe platform and is complimentary for all CardPointe users.

The CardPointe HPP comes with editable design options to customize your online checkout pages to match your business’ branding.


Using the CardPointe Hosted Payment Page, you can:

  • Add custom fields to the payment page

  • Create a customizable "Pay" button (Pay Now, Buy Now, and Donate buttons)

  • Include reCAPTCHA Verification, which verifies that the consumer is a human and not a bot when completing the payment form. This is an optional feature that you must activate.

  • Customize a payment confirmation page and receipt.

  • Define advanced settings, such as:

    • Maximum number of declined payments

    • Minimum payment amount

    • Maximum payment amount 

Why Use the CardPointe HPP? 

  • Reduced PCI-DSS scope
    Sensitive payment data will never reside in your system, thus reducing your PCI scope.

  • Access to CardPointe’s Advanced Security Features
    Access includes tokenization and double-encryption of credentials. Our customer login feature allows consumers to enter payment information and have a token stored on their profile, which can be used for future payments.

  • Mobile Friendly
    The CardPointe HPP is a mobile responsive form, making it easy for your customers to pay on-the-go using their phones and tablets.



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