Terminal at a Glance

The CardPointe Terminal is CardConnect's P2PE, plug-and-play device that features PCI-certified point-to-point encryption and patented tokenization.  The CardPointe Terminal is CardConnect's P2PE, plug-and-play device that features PCI-certified point-to-point encryption and patented tokenization. The CardPointe Terminal is the only way to truly protect in-store transactions; all sensitive data is instantly encrypted upon swipe or dip, ensuring that sensitive data never touches a merchant's systems.

  • Late Next Day Funding Cutoff

    • Merchants using the terminal have a next day funding cutoff of 7:30pm ET. 

  • Restaurant/Tip Functionality

    • Restaurant application (with gratuity and server ID features) is included automatically for applicable merchants based on MCC code.

  • PIN Debit and EBT Functionality

    • Unavailable at this time. 

  • Thermal Paper Size

    • The CardPointe Terminal uses 2.25" x 60' thermal paper rolls.


The CardPointe Terminal provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Seamless integration with CardPointe, providing you the power to manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time from your desktop or mobile device.

  • Acceptance of payment cards with both magnetic strips and EMV chips.

  • Tip adjust and server ID features with the Restaurant Application, perfect for restaurants, delis, spas and more.

  • P2PE security for every transaction. During a transaction, the CardPointe Terminal transmits a single-use tokenized code to validate the card and its cardholder. This code changes with every transaction, and once it has been used it is no longer valid, thereby preventing counterfeiting and skimming.

  • Interchange optimization automates lower rates for eligible Level 2 and 3 transactions. 


CardPointe Integration

The CardPointe Terminal has a direct integration with CardPointe. This means that all terminal transactions appear in CardPointe in real-time, allowing you to create customer profiles from those payments, or issue voids and refunds - all without using or being near the terminal. 


Real-time Transaction Management

  • Manage processed payments

  • View full transaction lifecycle reports

  • Create customer profiles

  • Void, capture and refund - from a desktop or mobile device


Virtual Terminal

  • Transform an ordinary computer into a robust terminal - seamlessly accept credit / debit cards and eChecks over the phone or from a variety of integrated device options

  • Our VT's recurring billing feature makes it easy to quickly set up a slew of customer bill plans



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