CardPointe at a Glance

The CardPointe web application offers an intuitive user interface for complete control of your account.

The CardPointe interface contains the following modules:

  • Dashboard - Displays transaction activity, recent funding events, funding trends, and notifications.

  • My Account - View your Merchant Accounts, add products, services and hardware, and manage PCI compliance.

  • Reporting - Access transactions, gateway batches, funding events, chargebacks and statement archive.

  • Virtual Terminal - Use the Virtual Terminal to accept card-present and card-not-present transactions.

  • Billing - View and/or create billing plans and schedule payments.

  • Marketplace - Displays the current product suite offered by CardConnect, which includes (but is not limited to) shopping cart integrations, POS systems, accounting systems, etc.

  • Administration - Manage users, configure the Virtual Terminal, customize receipts, define batch times, and more.  

Accessing CardPointe

You can access CardPointe at the following URL: 

Simply enter your account credentials and click Log in.





CardPointe supports the following web browsers:

  • Chrome 51.0 and above

  • Firefox 32.0.2 and above

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above

  • Safari 9.1.1 and above

CardPointe Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a a high-level overview of a merchant's activity. You can easily navigate and view transactional data in addition to any account alerts.

  • Transaction Activity

  • Recent Funding Events

  • Funding Trends

  • Notifications




















CardPointe provides you with a handful of reports to help you get a better understanding of your account-related activity, making it easy to quickly create and download reports.















You can generate reports in .CSV (spreadsheet) format for the following activities:

  • Transactions
    Provides transaction history, including but not limited to transaction number, merchant location, date of sale, payment card brand, transaction amount, and transaction status.

  • Gateway Batches
    Provides batch-related information, including batch number, merchant location, batch amount, batch close date, and batch status.

  • Funding
    Displays batched deposits funded to your merchant bank account. Deposit specifics in this report include funding date, bank account, the merchant location where the deposit was made, and the actual funded amount.

  • Chargebacks
    Displays all chargebacks that occurred within your merchant account. Chargeback specifics in this report include but are not limited to merchant location, the last 4 digits of the card used to process the initial transaction, payment card brand, chargeback date, case number assigned, the amount being disputed, and the transaction number.

In addition, you can generate statements that provide detailed information about any payments received by the merchant based on a customizable date range.



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